People walk in and out of our lives from the age of 3 or the age of 103, its envitable that we lose people along the way despite our best efforts. It should be easier these days with the introduction of social media like Facebook, twitter etc. We should have no excuse but we do…

I’m in my 30’s and its fair to say that I’ve been around a while. I’ve had different friendship groups.

1. Cousins are your first friends

2. Neighbours, you know the kids that you hang out with in the summer holidays

3. Childhood school friends, the ones you meet on your first week at infant school

4. High school friends, you get split up from your old friends and put with some random newbies but by Halloween its old friends who!

5. College friends, you should have lots in common for a start you both want to study the same thing but it becomes a juggling act between school friends and college friends

6. University friends, the group I have never had the fortune to have but they extend your circle and introduce you to a world of partying, late night study sessions and leave you with no food in the fridge

7. Work collegues, you spend 9 to 5 with them you ask about home life, dogs, cats, kids and if you’re lucky you get invited out for drinks on a friday night.

8. Neighbours, you buy a new house and instantly your next door neighbour sticks their head over the fence or in the back of the car in an attempt to attempt to introduce themselves.

9. The social networking friends, you don’t know them very well sometimes friends of friends or just people you met in the queue at work.

Friendships evolve. I believe you are very lucky if your best friend has known you since you were 5!

School friends – I met my best friend at the age of 15, a month before my 16th birthday and we clicked. Unfortunately though she has to be the most popular people pleaser in the world. She has three best friends, myself (the old school friend, Jenny the  girl she met at work who was her drinking buddy and Rachel the other more mature drink buddy.

I’m the married friend with two kids, a mortgage and a job so she expects me to be  the cheap night out or night in friend but having two kids I spend either every night at home or every night at work! I want a few drinks and a chat. So I’ve  always accepted that Jenny is the girl she wants to go partying with and Rachel is whatever.

Work friends – Never really managed to build a solid friendship at work. Until the hotel. They will be my friends for life! They are 12 years younger than me but they remind me so much of what it felt like to be so carefree.

Why do some friendships flourish? I met someone at a previous job never expecting us to ever be friends and then we clicked and I miss him. We never quite managed to build the friendship to a more proactive level. When I visit he reminds me of why I still go back and when I left he made me cry. We’re just friends and I don’t feel any more for him but I wonder if I’d stayed would we have grown closer?

It makes me think about why certain people stay in your life and others are just destined to be Facebook friends who you never think about until they update their statuses and you think ‘blimey haven’t thought about you in a while’.

And then there are the friends who at one point were your universe, everything was great but over time the friendship just slowly died!

I guess my Dad is right (although I’d never tell him that) that we do make friends throughout our lives and some are destined to stay and others are destined to go. I just hope that the friends in my life now aren’t the latter!


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